• SSYFL Match Report

  • SSYFL Fair Play Awards


    Fair Play is a fundamental part of the South Surrey Youth Football League ethos. We believe that is essential for the enjoyment of the players and the development of their skills.

    To promote positive behaviour, the SSYFL has established a Fair Play competition based on the peer group
    assessment of each team by the opposition at each match.

Teams are assessed in four categories. This is guidance as to how the points should be awarded.

    1. Playing Area

    NB Assessment to be made by away team only

    Maximum score = 15
    Minimum score = 1

    We are keen to see the FA Respect campaign fully supported within the league so have made the implementation of Respect barriers/zones an area for the awarding of high marks

    Key elements are as follows:

    a. Condition of pitch 0-3 points
    b. Condition of goals 0-3 points
    c. Pitch markings and flags 0-3 points
    d. Respect barriers/zones present and used 0-6 points

    A pitch with goals, flags and markings in reasonable condition and conforming to League rules should receive a
    score of 5 marks plus any Respect barriers/zone marks.

    2. Respect Towards Opponents

Maximum score = 10
Minimum score = 1

Players should respect the Laws of the Game and abide by the spirit of Fair Play.

    Key elements are as follows:

    a. attitude towards Respect Handshake at beginning and end of game 1-2 points
    b. attitude and behaviour on the pitch towards other players 0-4 points
    c. attitude to referee and assistants 0-4 points.

    Any single major incident or significant series of less major incidents between players or a player and the referee
    should have a significant bearing on the final score.

A positive attitude, including the acceptance of doubtful decisions without protest, should be rewarded with high
    marks. Blameless behaviour without any particularly positive attitude or gestures should receive a
    score of 6 rather than 7.

    3. Behaviour of the team officials

Maximum score = 10
Minimum score = 1

Team officials, including coaches, are expected to develop the sporting, technical and tactical level of their
    team – and instruct players to behave in accordance with the Fair Play principles.

Positive and negative aspects of the team officials’ conduct should be assessed – such as whether they calm
    down or provoke angry players, their attitude towards the parents and parents behaviour and how they
    accept the decisions of the referee.

    Any single major incident may have a significant bearing on the final mark.

Blameless behaviour without any particularly positive attitudes or gestures is likely to receive a score
    of 5 rather than 6.

    4. Behaviour of the spectators

Maximum score = 10
Minimum score = 1

All teams to begin with a score of 5 points. A maximum of a further 5 points can be added for:

- Welcoming attitude towards visiting team and spectators (home team)
    - Willingness to interact with home team spectators (away team)
    - Verbal support for both teams
- Appreciation of outstanding play by the opponents

A maximum of 5 points can be deducted for:

- Abusive language
- Persistent criticism of the officials’ decisions
- Negative attitudes or conduct towards opposing spectators

    Assessing the Fair Play Award marks at the end of the season

    The fair play rating for each team assessed at the end of the season will be calculated for each of the
    four categories as follows:

    Total points earned/(number of games x maximum points available per game)

    The four categories will then be added together and multiplied by 10 to give the overall rating.

    The team with the highest rating in each age group will be awarded the Fair Play Award.